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Arrow Exterminators, Inc. is the company of choice for quality wood infestation report inspections for real estate transactions. Arrow Exterminators, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company by the same family for over 60 years. We are proud of the reputation we have attained and want to maintain that high standard. Real estate inspections have played a major role in our business growth. We know that communication along with prompt, professional service is the key to our success as well as yours. For your next real estate transaction give us a try and you'll see why we are simply the best in the business! At Arrow Exterminators we are always,
"Aiming to Please."

Pioneers In Our Industry

We were one of the first companies to offer real estate termite inspections nearly 60 years ago. Now we are the first to offer "Instant Photo Documentation" of wood destroying insect, and organism damage, at no additional cost.
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Wood Infestation Reports Q&A

Q. Why Inspect?

A. Every year thousands of homes are attacked by termites and other wood destroying insects. Home buyers need to be aware of the possible presence of these damaging insects before investing in a property.

Q. Is the report for termites only?

A. No. Termites are the number one wood destroying pest in the United States, hence its name is often attached to the so-called "Termite Report." There are other wood-destroying insects that are included in the report such as, but not limited to:

  • Carpenter Ants - Normally associated with wooded areas and moisture.
  • Carpenter Bees - It is the damage to structural wood that earns them their name and concerns the property owner.
  • Old House Borers - Are brownish black and 5/8" to 1" long. Contrary to their name, "Old House Borers" most often attach to new homes.
  • Powder Post Beetles - Are very small, around 1/8" long and reddish brown in color. Their larvae damage both soft and hard woods.

Q. What does the inspection entail?

A. A Licensed Arrow Exterminator professional will perform the inspection. He inspects all visual areas of the structure which are readily accessible to him. The inspector cannot see into walls or under carpet, so an infestation may remain undetected. If visual infestation or damage is detected, proper control and repair measures will be reported on the appropriate form. An inspection report does not guarantee the absence of infestation or damage.

Presale Inspections

If you are wanting to sell your home or business property and you do not want any surprises, we will do a full wood destroying insect inspection and list any problems that may prohibit the sale of your property.

Wood Infestation Report

Required on most mortgages, our Certified Inspectors will do a thorough inspection, write their findings on a NPCA-1 form, which is accepted by FHA, HUD, VA, ODAFF and conventional mortgages.