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Eastern Mole

Oklahoma is home to the eastern mole. Is your home or garden under siege by moles?

Arrow Exterminators are Oklahoma's mole control experts. If moles are on your property, call Arrow.


You'll recognize one of the two tell tale signs. If you see mounds of dirt piled at entry or exit points of tunnels, it's time to call the mole control experts. If you find runway markings indicating underground tunnels, call the mole control experts at Arrow Exterminators. Because the mole's diet consists primarily of insects and earthworms found in the soil, they are unlikely to be responsive to conventional rodent poison. Arrow Exterminators knows the safest, most effective mole control techniques for Oklahoma moles.

An example of extensive mole hole damage. An example of mole tunnel damage.

Ask the Entomologist

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Did you know that moles have a chemical in their saliva that can incapacitate earthworms? Moles have been known to collect hundreds or thousands of live earth worms, preserving them in special tunnels where they can be eaten later.

Why Arrow Exterminators?

Contact Arrow Exterminators and our mole control experts will get you the help you need right away.  Arrow Exterminators know how to get rid of moles.  If you suspect a mole's earthworm buffet lurks beneath your yard, contact Oklahoma's mole control experts at Arrow Exterminators. With more than 60 years of pest control experience in Oklahoma, we know mole control.


If you're experiencing a problem with moles, contact us to schedule your no obligation free evaluation.