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Bigger Bugs in Human Habitats

Have you ever wondered if our urban areas produce bigger bugs? Well, we now know the answer is, ‘Yes!’ While some bugs don’t do well around our homes and other buildings, other species thrive in this environment. The size of the pest is one good indicator of whether it is an ‘urban exploiter’ or not. […]

Bean Weevils Date Atlantis Eruption

Many people believe that a massive volcanic eruption on the Greek island of Santorini is what inspired the legend of Atlantis. It is thought that the eruption occurred sometime between 1627 and 1600 B.C. While the exact year of the eruption is not known, a new study of bean weevils found in an ancient storage […]

Bed Bugs Are Now Confirmed Disease Carriers

Despite all the pain and anguish bed bugs cause, it was believed at least they didn’t transmit any diseases. A new study changes all that. The study found that bed bugs can both transmit to mice the parasite that causes Chagas disease—they can also pick up the disease from infected mice. Chagas is a common […]

A Top Concern

Survey after survey shows that more people have problems with ants than any other pest. It hasn’t always been like this, but ants have emerged in recent years as the most common pest plaguing homes. That’s not surprising considering how numerous and common this pest is. There are over 750 different kinds of ants in […]

Watch for Termite Swarmers!

One way homeowners discover they have termites is when they see winged reproductive termites, called swarmers. During swarming season, hundreds of termites with wings will make a mass exodus out of a colony and take to the air. Usually this happens after a rain as the temperatures begin to warm and the days lengthen, but […]

Pest Prevention Tip for March

Get rid of all standing water in plant saucers, plugged rain gutters, and anywhere else in your yard. Not only can mosquitoes breed in these, but rodents and other animal pests come and drink from them. Change the water weekly in bird baths to prevent mosquitoes from becoming adults in them.

Spiders in Bananas

Are poisonous spiders being imported in shipments of bananas and other international cargo? A recent study in the Journal of Medical Entomology looked into this scary problem. The study found that the spiders most often seen in bananas imported into this country are usually one of two harmless species, the pantropical huntsman spider, and the […]

Sensitivity Varies to Bed Bug Bites

It is well known that some people show no reaction to bed bug bites. Others may develop redness in the area bitten, or itching without the welts, or the characteristic itchy red welts. The largest survey ever conducted about bed bug bites was recently published. People known to be living in premises infested with bed […]

The Ebola Virus Transmitted By Insects?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) believes that insects are not involved in transmission of the Ebola virus. While research shows that transmission from mosquitoes is unlikely, medical entomologists are concerned about insects like flies. Some species of flies, especially those in Africa, feed on eyes and open wounds of people. It is possible that […]

Ants Spread by Ships 500 Years Ago

The number of serious foreign pests that are finding their way into this country has been rising in recent decades. It’s not just happening here—due to increased globalization, this is happening all around the world. Although the spread of pests has been increasing, an interesting recent study has been able to document the spread of […]