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Mosquito Blood Meals

During a two year period in Baltimore, most of the mosquitos trapped were either Asian tiger mosquitoes that transmit West Nile, Zika, encephalitis, and denuge fever, or Culex mosquitos that transmit West Nile virus. A DNA analysis of the blood engorged female mosquitos found that, surprisingly, that rats the most common meal of the Asian […]

Biggest Island Yet Declared Rat Free

It took nearly a decade, over 13 billion dollars, and more than 300 tons of rat bat, but Southern Georgia Island has finally been declared free of rats and mice! This is the largest rodent eradication effort in history. The island is 330 miles long and 269,000 acres, or eight times larger than the largest […]

Bed Bugs Continue to Increase

Bed bugs are continuing to invade more homes and apartments, as these blood suckers spread in this country. According to one survey of pest control professionals this year, bed bugs are the second fastest growing pest problem, right behind rats and other rodents, which have been increasing in recent years. Most people discover bed bugs […]