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Spiders, roaches and rodents aren't always bad. They're important parts of the natural ecosystem and they have vital roles in nature. However, when they start coming into our homes and businesses, then they become a real nuisance. Termites are important for decomposing dead logs and fallen trees in the forest, but when they turn their sights on your home's walls, they aren't helping anyone anymore. Same thing with spiders. They're great to have in a garden where they can eat other insects, but when spiders decide they want to take up residence in your kitchen, they're not so beneficial anymore. And we all want to do what we can to protect our pollinators, but nobody wants a beehive in their living room!

This is where Arrow Exterminators comes in. With over 60 years of pest control experience in Central and Northeast Oklahoma, we know exactly how to keep the pests where they belong-outside. Our team of trained and experienced technicians will work with you to create a plan to eliminate whatever kind of pest is attempting to invade your home. We know exactly how upsetting it can be to see a cockroach scuttle across your bathroom floor. We also know how off-putting it is for customers to see a trail of ants traveling across the floor when they enter a business.

While you might be tempted to try some DIY pest control methods you read about online, we recommend leaving pest control to the professionals. While you might be able to eliminate one mouse, or a few ants will you be able to find the source? How will you be sure you've eliminated all the pests, and not just the few you could see? And how will you make sure that they never come back? Household pests in Yukon can show up any time of the year, no matter the weather or season. When this happens, the best choice to keep your home or business clean and safe is by contacting Arrow Exterminators, the trusted name in Oklahoma Pest Control for more than 60 years.

Yukon Pest Control is second nature to the professionals at Arrow Exterminators. Name a pest found in Yukon, and we've probably exterminated it more times than we can count! Whether it's bed bugs, termites, spiders or even birds or rodents, we are equipped and experienced to handle them all quickly and efficiently. Arrow Exterminators has a very diverse knowledge and skill set for dealing with any kind of pest found in Oklahoma that has come in handy for pest control in and around Yukon.

We offer free, no-obligation inspections for homes and businesses in Yukon, after which we can provide a quote and a comprehensive plan of action for your particular pest problem. There's no better choice than Arrow Exterminators for your Yukon pest control and extermination services. Give us a call today--we are always "Aiming to Please" our customers. At Arrow Exterminators we know Oklahoma pests and we know how to exterminate them. Just contact us to get started! Call our Yukon location today for your free inspection at (405) 912-4337.

Pest Control in Yukon, Oklahoma

We have always loved being a part of the Yukon community. It has all the great amenities that come with being near a big city like OKC, including good restaurants, shopping and a vibrant cultural scene without any of the downfalls of actually being in the city. One of our absolute favorite things about Yukon is the family-oriented, values-based environment it provides for the people who live and work there. Getting to work in an environment that like year in and year out has been a joy for the entire Arrow Exterminators family.

This historic community has long been one of our favorite parts of the Oklahoma City metro area. Unfortunately, it seems that pests feel the same way! Everything from spiders to rodents to roaches have been pestering Yukon home and business owners for as long as we can remember. We pride ourselves on our ability to exterminate any and all of these pests quickly and efficiently, with a high degree of customer service. We love being part of the Yukon community and we love being able to contribute our pest control services to make it an even more hospitable place to live.

Common pests in Yukon Homes and Businesses

Even if you haven't personally experienced a pest control problem, we bet you know someone who has. Maybe you've heard your coworker talking about the Brown Recluse she found in her shoe. Or maybe your sister called you to tell you about the mice she found in her attic. So you know how unsettling and upsetting pest control issues are. And if you're a business owner, you don't need us to tell you how tough it can become for your business if customers see, or even hear about, a pest in your shop, office or warehouse. And even if you're taking preventative pest control measures--cleaning, taking out the trash, closing up holes in window screens and siding--there are still some things only professional methods can prevent. And even worse, if your neighbors aren't taking the same precautions, pests could migrate over from their home to yours. Even if you're doing everything right. Reactive pest control is very important, but so is preventative pest control, to prevent your home or business from being invaded in the first place. Here is a sampling of some of the services we offer and pests we can exterminate:

  • Bed bugs: bed bugs are everywhere these days. Oklahoma City was recently named one of the most bed bug infested cites in the United States. That means it won't be long before these invaders find their way out to Yukon-if they haven't already! These miniature vampires can be found anywhere-from homes, hotels and motels to movie theatres, airports, libraries and taxis-and reside places other than beds. Bed bugs have been found in mattresses, couches, chairs, carpeting, closets and more. If you're waking up with red bumps--which look similar to mosquito bites but typically don't itch--all over your body, you probably have a bed bug problem. Other signs of an infestation include shed bed bug skins, reddish-brown stains, black spots which may look like pepper and bed bug eggs, which are about the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen and a milky yellow color. If you see a live bed bug--which may look like a tick or small cockroach--that also means your home or business is dealing with an infestation. Bed bugs have tiny, rust colored, oval shaped bodies. However, they move very fast so it is rare to see one. If you do have a bed bug problem, you need to call the experts at Arrow Exterminators right away. Bed bugs are pesticide and insecticide resistant, so they can't be killed by any store-bought or do-it-yourself treatments. The only thing that is effective in killing these pests is a heat treatment called Thermal Remediation®-and we're the only pest control company in all of Oklahoma who is using this cutting-edge method. Give the experts at Arrow Exterminators a call, and we'll get you tucked in without the bed bugs biting.

  • Termites: because of the combination of weather conditions and soil types, one of the pests that thrives in Oklahoma is the termite. Yes, this crafty, wood-eating menace could be lurking nearby waiting to feast on your home. Termites live in massive colonies of hundreds of thousands, even millions of these little pests and all of them need to eat wood to survive. They aren't especially picky about where it comes from either. They'll eat your home, your patio, your garden shed and your picket fence. They won't stop there either. Once they gnaw their way through a structure, they'll eat furniture and even books. Causing upwards of $2 billion worth of damages to American homes each year, termites should not be taken lightly. Signs of termite damage include termite droppings-which look like small pellets-and termite wings-which look like fish scales-and sagging or bowing walls, floors and ceilings. If you see a termite, that is also an indication of an infestation as they never travel far from the colony. Termites swarm after heavy rains and can be seen around window sills and drains. Unfortunately, by the time you notice termite damage, it may already be too late. This is why preventative termite protection is so important. And when it comes to getting rid of termites and keeping them away, we rely exclusively on The Sentricon® System. This is the only termite elimination system we use on our own homes and the only one we recommend to our customers for their home or business. When it comes to something as valuable as your home or business, you don't want to play around with potential termite damage. Give us a call today and have a Certified Sentricon® Specialist come out to your home or business for a free, no-obligation termite evaluation. We can identify a termite colony at any stage and prescribe a course of treatment to get rid of any termites before they damage your property.

  • Mice and rats: no matter where you live, mice and rats are bound to be a problem. These crafty pests are clever survivors who can adapt to city and country surroundings as needed. However, what rodents want more than anything else is a warm place to next with easy access to food and water. We bet your home fits that bill. As mice and rats settle into your home, they can tear apart insulation and chew through expensive wiring. And while they might look cute and harmless, rodents actually spread diseases including Leptospirosis, Rat-Bite Fever, Tularemia and Lassa Fever. All of these diseases have nasty side effects and some of them can potentially be deadly. We know how hard you work to make sure your home is a safe, comfortable place for your family. Don't let a couple of rodents mess that up! Mice and rats are shy and reclusive, but they do leave behind sings of their presence. If you suspect you have an infestation here's what to look and listen for: droppings, smudge marks along walls, gnaw marks, paw prints in dust, scuttling sounds (particularly late at night) and the smell of mouse urine-it is extremely strong and smells like ammonia.

  • Roaches: everybody hates roaches-even us pest control experts! We know how upsetting it can be to see a roach in your home and we know how terrible it can be for your business if a customer sees a roach in your shop or warehouse. And while you might only see one roach, they rarely come alone. That means hundreds more could be hiding in the walls or under appliances. And to make matters worse, roaches aren't just gross, they're unsanitary, too. Roaches have been known to carry diseases and bacterium including salmonella, E. coli, staphylococcus and more. The last thing you want is a pest dragging all those germs into your home or business that you work so hard to keep clean. The good news is that we have decades of experience eliminating roaches from Yukon homes and businesses. If you have a roach problem, give the experts at Arrow Exterminators a call. We'll conduct an inspection and create a custom plan to eliminate all the roaches bothering you.

  • Ants: the weather in Oklahoma is perfect for ants. This would be fine if they didn't try to wander into our homes and business' all the time. Like termites, ants often live in massive colonies that comprise of hundreds of thousands or even millions of ants. With so many ants of so many different varieties, this is not a job you want to try and do yourself. Even if you kill the ants you can see, there could be thousands more that you can't see, waiting to invade your home. We can not only get rid of the ants you see, but the ants you can't see, and we'll keep them away for good!

  • Spiders: spiders in the garden can be great. They provide natural pest control, eliminating surplus insects, preventing them from eating your flowers and other garden plants and keeping them from getting inside our homes and businesses. The problem starts when the spiders decide they want to come inside, too. Whether you're dealing with common garden spiders like Spotted Orbweavers or something a little less friendly like the Carolina Wolf Spider, we know how important it is for your safety and peace of mind to have these arachnids removed from your home or business as quickly as possible. At Arrow Exterminators, we've been keeping spiders out of Oklahoma homes since 1952. Give us a call today to get started on your spider-elimination plan.
    • Black Widows: these dangerous spiders are native to Oklahoma and extremely venomous. Never try to remove these from your home on your own as bites can be extremely painful and dangerous. Make sure to call the experts for this job.
    • Brown Recluses: another venomous spider native to Oklahoma, the brown recluse is shy, but if it bites it can be extremely dangerous. If you see a Brown Recluse in your home or business, call the professionals before anyone gets hurt.

  • Other common pests: Arrow Exterminators has the experienced, professional team to take care of any pest that might be bothering you. Fleas and ticks bothering you and your furry friends? We can handle that. Pillbugs or silverfish hiding in your office filing cabinets? We can handle that, too. We also provide expert pest control services for customers affected by scorpions, crickets, birds, moles and just about anything else. Give us a call and see how we can put our years of experience to work "Aiming to Please" you.

Why Arrow Exterminators?

At Arrow Exterminators, we're using cutting-edge pest control treatments so our customers know they're getting the best possible services available to them. Arrow Exterminators is the only company in Oklahoma using the groundbreaking Thermal Remediation® technology which is the only treatment proven to completely eradicate bed bugs. So if you're ready to get serious about eliminating bed bugs from your home once and for all, call the bed bug eradication experts at Arrow Exterminators. We also use the industry best Sentricon® System, which has been trusted to protect everything from our house to the White House from termite damage.

Contact Arrow Exterminators and our pest control experts will help you with all your pest extermination and pest prevention needs. Whether it's a private residence, business, or more, at Arrow Exterminators we know how to get rid of pests like termites, bed bugs and more. We've proudly been serving Oklahoma communities, including Yukon, since 1952. You don't stay in a business this tough without a proven record and incredible customer service. Give us a call today at (405) 912-4337 to get started.

We offer pest control services to communities across Oklahoma including Bartlesville, Broken Arrow, Edmond, Grove, Kingfisher, Moore, Muskogee, Mustang, Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Tulsa, Vinita, Wagoner and Yukon. You can schedule a free, no-obligation evaluation on our website or give us a call to set up a service appointment. You can also reach out to us on social media for information about bed bugs, Thermal Remediation®, The Sentricon® System and all our other extermination services. We are on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Yukon Pest Control by Arrow Exterminators

At Arrow Exterminators we know Oklahoma Pests and we know how to exterminate them. Just contact us us to get started!

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