Bonnie LatshawBonnie Latshaw

I have used Arrow for 17 years. Their pricing is fair, they have always treated me fairly, and my Arrow Service Tech, Daniel Turner, is super! He is knowledgeable, thorough, always explains what he is doing and why, and is trustworthy. I am thoroughly satisfied with the extermination services performed by Daniel Turner for Arrow Exterminating in my home and on the exterior walls, doors, and windows of my home.

UPDATE 7/31/2018: A few weeks ago I noticed I had some bug bites to which I reacted strongly, as if I was allergic to them. I've never reacted so strongly to bug bites and could not figure out where I was getting them. That is, until I found one crawling on my sheet during the night! It was a bed bug! Immediately (as soon as it was daylight), I called Daniel Turner and he recommended a professional inspection, which I requested from Arrow Exterminating. Brad responded very quickly, spent time with me inspecting and subsequently finding where the bugs were nested, answered all my questions, scheduled treatment of my entire home just a few days later, and then continued to be available and responsive to more questions I had. When the team of 4 showed up, they were ALL polite, respectful, helpful, and worked all day long with a great attitude! I couldn't be happier with their work and especially their demeanor. We are now bed bug-free and, with the advice I was given on how to prevent getting bed bugs again, my husband and I are armed with knowledge we did not have prior to this experience and we will now be very vigilant when we stay anywhere. I'm very thankful to Arrow Exterminating for having such a quality group of people working for and with them. They are truly the face of Arrow Exterminating and do their company proud!

Heather RotelliHeather Rotelli

Joey was extremly wonderful and I truly hope this company values him as an employee because he was so wonderful. Patient with explaining the process, thorough with his process of extermination, and gave me extra glue boards for my nasty camel crickets to get me through till my next visit. I'm so glad I called arrow and hired them over the other company I called first.
Thanks arrow and thanks Joey! I will be so glad when the camel crickets are out of my garage and I can walk freely in my own space again!

Thomas PowersThomas Powers

We’ve enjoyed a very positive experience working with Arrow for many years and a big reason has been our consistent technician, Steve. It’s nice to have a familiar face each visit and he’s very respectful to communicate where he’s going and what he’s doing. They don’t try to up sell which is also nice, but can provide additional services if requested. I highly recommend!


I’ve been using Arrow Exterminators services since 2016 at two separate locations. Like most consumers, the cost of service was a concern when seeking a provider to maintain treatment of both locations. I have found them to be the best in Quality of Service, Customer Care, Value for Your Dollars, Attentive to Details, and extremely efficient. Their staff are an exceptional team whether in the office or out in the community, going above and beyond to not only satisfy the customer but meet and exceed their expectation.