Sentricon® System

Your beautiful home or business deserves Sentricon, the best termite protection available. Please take a few moments to review the features and benefits of this system proven to eliminate termite colonies. With Sentricon, you'll never have to worry about subterranean termites wreaking havoc on your property again.

The Sentricon® System is the Best Way to Protect Your Home or Business

Sentricon has proven its effectiveness on more than a million properties worldwide, including the White House, the Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall and many other important, historic properties. It not only eliminates the termite colonies that attack your home, but ongoing monitoring will protect your home from any future infestations. Here are some of the many advantages of Sentricon:

  • It continuously monitors the area around your home or business for the presence of subterranean termites.
  • Numerous university and scientific studies prove that Sentricon eliminates current termite colonies and protects your home from future termite invasions.
  • Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology utilizes the newest, most effective termite bait on the market, Recruit® HD termite bait. Recruit HD is highly desirable, preferred four-to-one over wood by termites. Because of this, you can be sure that the termites will “take the bait” instead of continuing to attack your home.
  • It requires no disruptive drilling or trenching in and around your home. Once Sentricon is installed, you’ll never notice it and it won’t disrupt your gardens or landscaping.
  • Installing Sentricon eliminates the need for basic liquid termiticide barrier treatments—which don’t work as well and contain chemicals that can be harmful to your lawn, other plants, pets and good garden insects.
  • It's an added feature that increases the value of your home. Think of it like a termite insurance policy.
  • Since it is only available from highly trained authorized operators, you know that the technician installing and servicing your system is the most knowledgeable, professional termite elimination expert around.
  • It's the best termite protection your home or business will ever need. And it’s the only termite protection your home or business will ever need again.

How Sentricon works:

  1. The Sentricon stations are placed in the soil around your home.
  2. The stations deliver Recruit HD termite bait, a highly palatable bait.
  3. The termites feed on the Recruit HD termite bait, tunnel out and signal other colony nest mates to feed on the bait. As they do, the colony is eliminated.
  4. All of the Sentricon stations remain baited with Recruit HD termite bait after the colony is eliminated to intercept and eliminate any future infestations.

New Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology featuring Recruit® HD Termite Bait

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Every station is baited 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year with Sentricon® with Always Active™. There is no waiting period for the baiting process to begin, once the termites locate the stations and begin feeding on the Recruit HD termite bait the elimination process has begun. This new Recruit HD termite bait has two times more of the active ingredient than the previous bait matrix, and will resist mold, fungus and breaking down in the soil.

Another reason termites are so difficult to get rid of is because they’re pretty smart. But you’re smarter. Worker termites—the ones that find food to bring back to the colony—also alert the colony when they are in any danger. And if they sense danger, they’ll relocate the colony immediately. However, they typically don’t move very far and that means they could still be feeding on your home even after they move. The key is to eliminate the termites without letting them know they are in any danger. This is exactly what Sentricon does.

Unlike with liquid termiticides, termites have no idea that the Recruit HD termite bait is actually killing them. They tell the colony that it is safe to eat and so the entire colony feasts on the bait not realizing that it is actually lethal to them. The bait rapidly takes away their ability to eat or reproduce and the colony dies off. And since the system always stays active, no new termite colony will be able to move in in the future without the same thing happening to them.

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Video about Termite Damage on Sentricon® Youtube Channel

Those Terrible Termites

This video provides an overview of the damage termites cause in the U.S. each year, their behavior and their biology. Termite damage is more common than damage from natural disasters and 35 percent of single-family homes in Tulsa have experienced termite damage.

Video about the Sentricon® Technology on the Sentricon® Youtube Channel

Understanding the Technology

You can think of Sentricon as your home and family's continuous safeguard against the threat of termite invasion. Since its introduction in 1995, Sentricon has become the preferred termite colony elimination system of home owners, business owners and pest control professionals alike.

Video about what to expect from the Sentricon® Termite Elimination System on the Sentricon® Youtube Channel

What to expect - Professional Service

This video will provide you with an overview of what you can expect from Arrow Exterminators during the termite inspection process, installation process and monitoring and baiting processes. Since Sentricon can only be installed by a Certified Sentricon Specialist of the Sentricon® System using trained professionals, you know that you will be getting the highest quality of care and the best customer service available.

Video about the Protection Sentricon® provides and its impact on the environment on the Sentricon® Youtube Channel

Proven Protection - Environmental Responsibility

The Sentricon® System is an award-winning termite colony elimination system that protects your home as well as the environment. The system works because it eliminates the entire colony—not just individual termites—and because the bait stations always stay baited with the top-of-the-line Recruit HD termite bait.

Sentricon is Always Ready

Every station that is installed around your home or business will be baited 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year with Sentricon. There is no waiting period for the baiting process to begin, once the termites locate the stations and begin feeding on the Recruit HD termite bait the elimination process has begun. The new Recruit HD termite bait has two times more of the active ingredient than the previous bait matrix, and will resist mold, fungus and breaking down in the soil. So once Sentricon is installed, you never have to worry about it again.

Do you have one of the older, original versions of Sentricon and would like to upgrade? Please contact us for more information. There is only a small fee to upgrade to Sentricon® with Always Active™. We can have the new and improved system installed in no time so there will never be a lapse in your home or business’ termite protection. And when it comes to an investment as large as your home or business, you never want to leave it up to chance.

Expect Professional Service

A professional technician will assess your property and install Sentricon stations all around your home or business. Only the best in the industry are selected to install and service Sentricon, so you know you’ll be getting expert, knowledgeable customer service. And Arrow Exterminators is the first company in Oklahoma to receive customer satisfaction awards for servicing Sentricon. We pride ourselves on being able to provide an unparalleled level of satisfaction and service to all our customers—especially those affected by termites—and are always “Aiming to Please” you in any way we can.

Step One of the Sentricon® System Installation process. Step Two of the Sentricon® System Installation process. Step Three of the Sentricon® System Installation process. Step Four of the Sentricon® System Installation process.

Your property deserves it

Your home or property is a valuable asset and deserves the best termite protection available. Most likely, it’s the largest investment you’ve ever made and you spend a lot of time, money and effort to maintain it and keep it safe. Don’t let termites ruin that. Sentricon acts as a long-term termite security system to continually protect your home or business and the surrounding property through the continuous cycle of monitoring, baiting and eliminating.

Along with this proven protection, you'll find that professional service is a hallmark of  Sentricon. We look forward to talking with you and protecting your property from termites.

All About Termites

Before we talk to you about Sentricon, it’s important to understand all the risks posed by subterranean termites. While we’ve all heard of termites, if you haven’t been directly affected or know someone who has been directly affected by these crafty wood-eaters, it can be hard to comprehend the scale of their destructive powers. Oklahoma is a particularly high risk area for termites due to a variety of conditions including climate and soil. And you don’t have to live in a log cabin to be susceptible to termite damage. Termites aren’t picky—they eat most kinds of wood and wood byproducts anywhere they can find them. The internal frame of your home, fence posts, porches and decks, siding, furniture and even the pages of books all make a tasty meal for hungry termites. And termites are always hungry.

Did you know that over 5 million homes in the U.S. experience some kind of termite problem each year? And each year it adds up to more than $5 billion in damages, which is more than the amount of damages cause by fires, tornadoes and earthquakes put together each year. Does your homeowner’s insurance cover termite damage? Double check, but it probably doesn’t. Very few policies do. And that means you’ll end up paying any termite damages to your home out of pocket. That might not sound so bad at first, how much damage can a few little bugs do? Well, a lot actually. The typical homeowner who discovers termite damage on their property will pay an average of $3,000 in repair. And that’s the average price—which means many people pay a significant amount more than that. Those repairs aren’t quick either. Most homeowners report that termite damage repairs take at least three months.

So, what exactly are these tiny, elusive pests that cause so much damage? Subterranean termites are small, social insects that live in giant colonies which can contain hundreds of thousands or even millions of termites. In nature, termites are an extremely beneficial species that help decompose dead shrubs and fallen trees. Unfortunately, they can’t tell the difference between a dead tree in the forest and your back porch. Termites colonies are divided into different types of termites which all play a vital role in the success of the colony. There are the soldier termites which protect the colony and the Queen. There are the reproductive termites which leave the colony to start new colonies—this typically happens in March and is known as swarm season. The third type of termite is the worker termite, which scouts out food sources and brings them back to the rest of the colony.

One of the reasons termites are so destructive is that termite damage is often difficult to spot before it becomes extensive. Signs of termite damage include sagging walls, floors and ceilings, piles of termite droppings, which resemble brown pellets, and discarded termite wings, which often look like fish scales. You will typically find the wings and droppings in doorways, windowsills, drains and other similar places after termites swarm. However, if you are noticing these signs, the termite damage to your property is already fairly severe. The best way to prevent damage like this from occuring is to stop termites from taking up residence around you home in the first place. And the best way to ensure that is by installing The Sentricon® System.

Why Arrow Exterminators

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